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Middle School Edition Planner
Teacher's Guide to Better Planning

Description:This planner is formatted for Physical Educators at the middle school level.

Physical Education Planners are written for all three levels of education, elementary through high school. The planners are written as a guide to help physical educators enhance and organize their physical education programming. These planners will help teachers at all levels, but especially for physical education teachers who are new to the profession. Daily use of this planner will enable you to create lessons which are organized, and allow administrators and others to easily understand your goals, methods and outcomes. Sample lessons provide informative and innovative ideas on day-to-day planning of the physical education curriculum.

1) Introduction-How to use this book
2) How to use monthly Planner Pages
3) Safety
4) Health
5) Fitness
6) Check List (Beginning of School)
7) Organizing the Beginning of the Year
8) Positive Action Plan
9) Physical Education Rules
10) Public Relations
11) Dates to Remember
12)• Interdisciplinary
13) Preparing Lessons for Substitutes
14) Open House
15) Leadership Group
16) Sample Monthly Units
17) Monthly Units
18-65)• Planner Pages and Sample Activities
66) Assessment - Grading
67) Formative self and Peer Assesment of Skill
68) Sample Fitness Warm-ups
69) Adaptive Physical Education
70) A.P.E./Special Needs Assessment Sheet
71) Medical Information - Sample Chart
72) Chart of Medical Information
73) Medical Excuses - Sample Chart
74) Medical Excuse Chart
75)• Behavior Documentation Record
76) Behavior Documentation Chart
77) Sample Holiday Calendar
78) Holiday Calendar
79) Field Day
80) End of Year Check List
81) Four Year Calendar

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